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Mirabelle by Georges B.

A French Restaurant Is a taste of art,

Let us tease your palate

Our sandwiches on freshly baked baguettes are perfect for a fast paced, yet delicious lunch.

Grilled colossal scallops, mango vinaigrette, greens, black beans and red pepper salad

Salmon eggs benedict are an eggcelent choice to get your day started

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Honest food and honest drinks set the foundation of our place’s menu!

Our restaurant’s goal is to have each visitor leaving us well-fed and in a better mood than before!

That is why we put our focus on two things at once. Firstly, on maintaining our menu as fresh and diverse, as possible. And secondly, on creating the atmosphere of home-like coziness and friendliness.


Our menus are designed to offer  you a medley of tasty food with a great variety of items enjoyable from early breakfast to late afternoon happy hours.

Three Words To Remember ​

Mirabelle by Georges B. a French restaurant in Downtown, Miami for: “ambiance, services and food.”